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Step 2: Add Personnel Details

Step 3: Contact Information

[/pre] i have created 3 steps using HTML field-set control for each step, so whenever user click next and previous button we will slide fieldset based on current step. Step 3: Add css class in section of index.php file to hide fieldset except first fieldset. [code type=php] $(document).ready(function(){ var current = 1,current_step,next_step,steps; steps = $("fieldset").length; $(".next").click(function(){ current_step = $(this).parent(); next_step = $(this).parent().next();; current_step.hide(); setProgressBar(++current); }); $(".previous").click(function(){ current_step = $(this).parent(); next_step = $(this).parent().prev();; current_step.hide(); setProgressBar(--current); }); setProgressBar(current); // Change progress bar action function setProgressBar(curStep){ var percent = parseFloat(100 / steps) * curStep; percent = percent.toFixed(); $(".progress-bar") .css("width",percent+"%") .html(percent+"%"); } });